Types of Intensive Care Units(ICU) and Benefits of Intensive Care Units (ICU) at Shraddha

May people are unaware of the abbreviation ICU. Its full form is Intensive (Serious) Care Unit. It's an emergency unit where patients are admitted when they require a extensive and dedicated care, including nearer perception and closed observations. Serious care units take into account, patients with extreme and life-undermining diseases and wounds, which require consistent, close checking and support from innovative machinery and proper medicines as well as interventions and treatment. It’s essential to keep in mind the end goal with a positive objective, such that the patient’s body functions normally. They are staffed by profoundly prepared specialists and medical caretakers who work in nurturing basically sick patients. ICUs are additionally recognized from typical healing center wards by a higher staff-to-patient proportion and access to cutting edge therapeutic assets and hardware that is not routinely accessible somewhere else.

Shraddha Multispeciality Hospital for ICU Hospital, Critical Care Services in Kalol, kadi, Mehsana, Gandhinagar, Chiloda, Mansa, Himmatnagar, Adalaj, Chhatral, Arsodiya, Balva, Bhoyan Moti, Dhendhu, Dhamasna, Golthara, Limbodara, Rakanpur, Pansar, Soja, Vadsar, Sabarkantha, Moti Bhoyan, Saij, Shertha, Paliyad, Veda, Nardipur, Rupal, Sardhav, Bhadol, Nandasan, Hajipur, Kotha, Santej, Sherisa, Palsana, Kudasan, Ahmedabad

Every Medical Practitioner, Expert Doctors and Specialists at Shraddha Multispeciality Hospital cares for patients at every stage of their life threatening diseases. That’s the reason we have all of these subject matter experts at our hospital, immediately available to care for patient’s life and treatment of complex diseases.


  • All medical emergency like Breathlesness, Chest pain, Unconciousness, Paralysis, Convulsion, High or low blood sugar , High or low blood pressure.
  • Trauma following Road traffic accident and Industrial injury.
  • Heart attack, Brain stroke etc.
  • Poisoning by Ingestion of any chemical substance,Inhalation of toxic gase.
  • Snake bite and any reptile bite.
  • Viraldisorders
  • Spine injury
  • Post opeative critical care.

SHRADDHA MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL AND ICU team known by their extensive and dedicated treatment in rural area like kalol with very high accuracy and high outcome rate wtih very affordable cost. It is really very helpful to the patients of Kalol and North Gujarat population.