SHRADDHA MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL offers access to some of Gujarat's driving masters of healthcare industry. Infact, some of these experts might be considered amongst the best, across India. We are one of the most noteworthy evaluated healing (treatment) facilities as far as it concerns to patient care and expert restorative administrations. We mean to convey patients the absolutely best involvement on their pathway from conclusion to treatment. Our Critical Care Unit permits our specialists to treat even the most unpredictable (complex) cases in Gujarat and offers much more noteworthy wellbeing for our patients. We always arrange a Consultant Intensivist at our location for the entire duration of the day. We are also responsible for providing 24*7 support, which is delivered by a Registrar Intensivist available at our premise. The doctor's facility contains the best in-house treatment as well as state of the art diagnostic facilities. It is known for its 24*7 emergency treatment. Shraddha Hospital is a multi-speciality hospital, which means, it’s an all-in-one healthcare facility that includes Knee Replacement Hospital, Trauma Hospital, ICU Hospital, Laproscopic Surgeries, Orthopaedic surgries and one of the best Critical Care Services Hospital Ahmedabad, Kalol, Mehsana, Gandhinagar.

The healing center offers care by experts and master minds. It is likewise broadly eminent (famous) for its laproscscopic surgery, heart related care and administrations, neurology related treatments, orthopedic related surgeries, urological disorders, gynecological problems and also offers most different types of intense medications. Shraddha Hospital is known for its driving edge medications and prescriptions in various different areas of health sector. It is perceived for perfection in orthopaedic,stone surgeries, Brain surgery, musculo-skeletal issues diseases, gastroenterdology diseases, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and numerous different areas of medical practice. A large scope of this mastered clinical center is upheld by the most cutting edge imaging and diagnostic innovation available worldwide.

A large amount of patients from distinct places of Gujarat as well as Rajasthan and Madhyapradesh visit Shraddha Hospital with a deep trust ‘Get Well Soon’ with quality treatment at most affordable costs.